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Maple Grove Tigers Behavior Expectation Chart ~

Behavior Printable copy: Maple Grove Behavior Matrix

Maple Grove Tigers Virtual Behavior Expectation Chart ~

Printable copy: Maple Grove Virtual Behavior Matrix

Maple Grove Rewards Positive Behavior with ~

Super Tiger Charts:

The Super Tiger Sticker Chart is an incentive for classes to work as a team to demonstrate positive behavior in our school. The PBiS team came up with a fun way for students to be rewarded for all of the positive things they do to help make Maple Grove a wonderful place to learn. Classes that follow the Maple Grove Tiger Behavior Matrix will receive stickers, stars or smiley faces when behavior that follows the matrix is observed. Each class carries a Super Tiger sign when they walk in the hall to transition from one activity to another (ex. to go to specials or lunch.). On the back of the Super Tiger sign is the Super Tiger Sticker Chart with 50 spaces to fill with stickers, stars or smiley faces. Teachers that see a class making good choices and following what was taught in our PBiS lessons can award that class with a sticker, star or smiley face. Each quarter, the classes that fill all 50 spaces will get to participate in an activity chosen by their teacher.


Green Dots!:

Our Maple Grove PBiS Team and our collective school family have chosen to focus on safe, respectful, and responsible behaviors. We developed a reward system to link our Green Dot program, which encourages all students and staff to promote kindness and respect with our PBiS matrix. All staff is encouraged to recognize a student who exhibits safe, respectful, and responsible behaviors in all settings at Maple Grove. When a child receives a green dot certificate, their teacher sends the green dot to the office. The building principal will then make a positive call home and puts their green dot certificate on our building green dot board. There is no limit to the number of times a child receives a green dot, and we encourage staff to work hard to spot children who are safe, respectful, and responsible each day.

Green Dots