Social Studies

Seven Continents

2nd Grade ~ Explore the continents.

Continent & Ocean Map

2nd Grade ~ Explore the world....Continent & Ocean Map


2nd Grade ~ Explore the world.....puzzle!

Word Search

2nd Grade ~ Explore the world.....word search!

Coloring Map
2nd Grade ~ Explore the world.....coloring the map!

2nd Grade Social Studies
Earth/Continents 2nd Grade

Ben's Guide to US Government: Branches of Government

PBS The Democracy Project 
Be President for a day,step inside the voting booth,or discover how government affects you.


Missouri Secretary of State Kids
Missouri symbols, history, government and more.

Postcards from Buster
Learn about United States with games,songs,videos.

Statue of Liberty 
Facts, News, and Information

US Mint 
H.I.P. Pocket Change
Learn about how money is made and have fun doing it.
Puzzles,coin memory machine, etc.