Create a Bar Graph

Space Ship
Blastoff Math ~ Great for K & 1st Grade (addition & subtraction)!

Tangrams - Great for K

Math Montster

Math Monster ~ Subtraction

NASA Kids Club Patterns ~ Great for K!

Pattern Maze
Pattern Maze ~ Great for K!

Dinosaur Train ~
Great for K to work on shapes!

Magical Shape Hunt ~
Great for K to work on shapes!

 Chicken Blastoff ~
Great for K to work on shapes!

Shape Sort
Shape Sort, 2d & 3d ~ Great for K!

What are 3D Shapes? Video


Clifford Measures Up! ~ Great for K!

Cool Kindergarten
Math Skills & Videos for K

Flo & Zo Sort it Out! Color Sorting ~ Great for K!

Oscar the Crouch
Oscar the Grouch Shape & Color Sorting ~ Great for K!

Learn About 3D Shapes Video


3D Shape Sorter ~ Great for K introduction to 3D Shapes!


Math Shape Splat ~ Great for K!

Curious George Meatball Launcher ~ Counting &
Launching Meatballs. Great for K!

Curious George ~ Counting. Great for K!

Marble Math Addition ~ Addition
with manipulatives. Great for K!

Deep Dive
Deep Dive ~ Addition. Great for K!


Penguin Addition ~ Great for K!

Dr. Kai's Mixup Game ~ Addition. Great for 2nd Grade!


Critter Junction -- Place Value 

Ten Frame
Ten Frame with Greg Tang for 1st Grade

Ten Frame by NCTM for Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Ten Frame
by Fuel the Brain for Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Shark Numbers -- Place Value for 1st Grade

Place Value with Base 10 Blocks -- Great for 1st Grade

Fishing Subtraction Game -- Great for 1st Grade

Balloon Pop Subtraction ~ Great for 1st Grade!


Counting Game ~
Practice counting by 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's ... Great for 2nd Grade!

Fractions ~ Great for 2nd Grade!

Tally Marks & Graphing
Lesson -- Great for 2nd Grade

Fruit Fall Pictograph
-- Great for 2nd Grade

Fishing Pictograph -- Great for 2nd Grade

Jellly Fish Fruit Snacks -- Survey, Tally Marks,
Graphs, & Questions Great for 2nd Grade

Lady Bug
Bugs Pictograph -- Great for 2nd Grade

Graph & Tally -- Students tally, create graphs, and create Venn Diagrams.
Great for 2nd Grade

Tally Marks -- Create Tally Marks, Count in Groups of Five, Carry Out a Survey
Great for 2nd Grade

Num Tanga
Numtanga -- Great for K, 1st, & 2nd!
Greg Tang's find Matches of numbers.

Kakooma -- Great for 1st & 2nd! Greg Tang's fast thinking addition game.

Super Woman
Greg Tang Math Site -- Great for K, 1st, & 2nd Grade!

Super Star


1. A+ Math Flashcards,hidden picture games, money drills. This site is for 3 grade students.
2. All About Place Value
Math. Students practice place value.
3. Count Hoots Addition and Subtraction GamesThis provides practice with addition/subtraction at various levels ofdifficulty-including determining missing addends. (Perfect forfirst-second graders.)
4. Education Place Houghton Mifflin Pick your grade level and play at Roz's Math-o-rama
5. The Guessing Game 1-100
Math. Student guesses a number the computer has chosen. Computer tell student higher or lower as he makes a guess.
6. I Know That Offers web-based educational activities for students ages 2-12.
7. Interactive Mathematics
8. Kidsnumbers Division math games.
9. Fun Brain
10. Make School Easy Simple games and puzzles to help learn the alphabet, tell time, count, understand colors.
11. Matching Addition Answers Match addition answers to the problem. 1st grade
12. Math Activities Level 1
13.Math Activities Level 2 This site is for advanced learners.
Math- addition, subtraction, multiplication, place value, fractions
This site has lots of interactive activities that will support and enhance the curriculum in 1 through 3 grade.
14. Elementary Math Games
15. Math Concentration
Math. Practice math facts based on concentration game
16. Mighty Math
17. Math Magician
18. Pattern Blocks: Exploring Fractions with Shapes
Hands-on manipulatives to learn the basic concepts of fractions, addition and subtraction of fractions, and more...
19. Place Value This site good for drilling place value to the hundreds place value.
20. Play Kids Games Save the Math Apples, Seahorse Counting, Robot Calculator and lo2s of other grear games.
21. Sadlier-Oxford Math CenterPick a Grade Level and try Math Minutes,Practice Activities,Vocabulary Practice and More.
22. Scweb Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and more.
23. Snapdragon - Tell the Time
This program allows students to tell time by the hour only.
24. Spacey MathThis is a good game for first graders needing practice in basic addition and subtraction facts. It also has practice in simple multiplication and division facts.
25. Telling Time
Stop the Clock 1: a game that gives practice telling time to the hour and half hour.
Stop the Clock 2: a game that gives practice telling time in 15 minute intervals.
Stop the Clock 3: a game that gives practice telling time in 5 minute intervals.
Stop the Clock 4: a game that gives practice telling time in 1 minute intervals
Bang on the Time:a game that allows students to stop the clock at the given time.
26. Math Playground